Emergency Dog Contact form

As the UK is still in Lockdown, things are slowly returning to the new normal. However, if the worst should happen and you’re admitted to hospital, have you thought about who’d look after your dog(s) if, for whatever reason, there’s nobody else at home? With that rather depressing thought in mind, the committee, mostly Hannah, have produced an “Emergency Dog Information Form”. You can fill in this form with information such as your dog’s name, breed, age, vet details, likes/dislikes etc.

This would be vital information for anyone asked to look after your dog(s) whilst you’re incapacitated for any reason, and not just the Covid-19 virus. We recommend that you download the form and fill it in, one form for each dog, and leave it easily accessible if you are in the unfortunate position that someone needs to collect your dog(s).

Finally, keep looking after yourselves and those wonderful Pulis. Try to stay sane and above all stay safe.

Hungarian Puli Club of GB Open Shows & AGM…cancelled


In the interest of the health issues/risks arising from the Coronavirus (COVID19), the Hungarian Puli Club of GB Committee have taken the unanimous decision to cancel the two shows and the Annual General Meeting due to be held on Sunday 29th March 2020. It is hoped that we will be able to arrange for the two shows to be held at a later date in the year.

Entries will be refunded.

With regard to the Annual General Meeting and with the Kennel Club permission, it is anticipated we will hold the Annual General Meeting at the Clubs Championship show on Sunday 4th October 2020.

Under the circumstances, we trust everyone will understand the action we have taken

Schedules and entries for Hungarian Puli Club Open Show now available..

Below are the links for the schedules for the forming open shows available on Arenaprint.

ENTRIES CLOSE 28th February 2020 (Postmark)

Online entries accepted up to midnight 15th March 2020 at www.arenaprint.co.uk Entries will not be accepted without fees



Puli Adoption Applications

We are in the process of updating our Puli Adoption Waiting List and were wondering if anyone would be interested in being on the list.

Whilst we don’t have any Pulis looking for a new home at the moment, it is always helpful to know that there are homes out there willing to adopt should the situation arise.

If you are interested, and are willing to wait, could you please complete the “Welfare form – Application to go on Adoption list 2019” which can be found by following the link below:


Thank you in advance,
Kindest regards,

William Fulton,
Chairman & Welfare Co-ordinator,
Hungarian Puli Club of GB.

Club Shows 31st March 2019

Hungarian Puli Club of Great Britain Club Show Sunday 31st March 2019.
The entries for the club shows this week are as follows:

First Show 24 dogs making 31 entries,

Second Show 24 dogs making 31 entries.

We will be holding our usual raffle so donations would be very much welcome and this year we are also holding a Silent Auction, please see our website and the facebook site for further info