Is a Puli the Breed for me?

Are Pulis the right breed for me?


There is nothing more striking than a beautifully corded Puli in full coat, but it does not happen by magic. The fluffy puppy coat needs very little attention until it begins to cord, usually between 6 to 10 months. The adult Puli coat is made up of two different textures, a harsh outer coat and a dense and woolly undercoat. As the puppy coat develops it begins to part and eventually will start to go into little clumps. The clumps then form small mats which must be split into the desired cords. Most developing coats will need some attention every day and this stage can last for months until all the cords are formed. Throughout this time it is also important to make sure that the coat is kept clean. Once the Puli is fully corded the work eases off a bit and it is usually enough to go through the coat every week or so to make sure the new root growth is not matting.

Pulis are energetic and extremely intelligent, and whilst they are not always by nature a lap dog, they like to know where their human family are and to take pa

rt in all they do. Pulis do not take well to

being locked away from their family for hours on end and left to their own devices, day after day, but they are very adaptable to normal family life if they are allowed to take part in it. They do enjoy exercise even if this is in walking the children to school or a walk after the school run has been accomplished. Pulis also need ‘you’ time; time he/she can spend with you doing things that you both do together, and hopefully in activities that will lead to a well-trained and socialised dog. Whatever your day to day routine may be, you need to think carefully about how you can include your Puli in it; if it is not possible to incorporate him/her in your daily activity, then it is very likely that a Puli, or most other breeds for that matter, is not for you.

Needless to say, if looking for a Puli puppy the first port of call should be to the Secretary of The Hungarian Puli Club of Great Britain who will

be able to put you in touch with a reputable breeder, also a member of the Breed Club, and who follows the club code of ethics regarding testing for hereditary problems.

This is a lively very intelligent breed that fits in quite well with home life. Their brainpower can be far ahead of some other breeds, therefore deserving of an understanding owner who will ensure that boredom does not take over! Any dog that is bored can easily turn into a destructive force. If you think that the Puli may be the breed for you, then do please think carefully of your future commitment:

  • If you intend to be out all day every day, leaving a dog to its own devices, you should seriously consider your thoughts on dog ownership until such time as you are able to devote more time to one.
  • If you live in a flat or apartment, are you sure that you can manage to give sufficient exercise. Some places do have communal areas, but may also have a ‘No Pets’ restriction placed upon them.
  • If you have no restrictions, and/or have suitable areas nearby for regular exercise, are you prepared to go out several times in a day whatever the weather conditions?
  • Have you looked carefully at Pulis in all stage of development and coat growth?
  • Do you feel that you have both time and inclination to cope with a rather special coat formation?
  • Are you prepared for bathing and properly drying a corded coat? A neglected coat can soon become foul smelling, and with it can come problems such as skin irritation and perhaps mites or fleas.
  • If you still want a Puli but feel that you cannot cope with the coat, then it is fairly common for them to be kept in neatly trimmed, short coats, but in so doing you will not have the distinctive appearance.
  • If you feel able to take on the regular requirements to keep a Puli fit, healthy, clean and well exercised then it is time to take further steps towards ownership.

The Hungarian Puli Club of GB tries to ensure that its booth at Discover Dogs is manned on each day, in order that you can see the live dogs and talk with experienced owners. However, it is always worthwhile to see as many as possible before making a purchase. The HPC of GB organises two shows per year please check our website for future shows. Many owners will be happy to show you their dogs at home.

The HPC of GB has an active rescue section which from time to time needs to re-home Pulis who for genuine reasons need a new and loving owner. If you feel you are able to offer a home to an older animal please contact Puli Welfare.

As can be seen, the Hungarian Puli is a truly unique breed of dog, in his coat, his intelligence and his desire to understand and to please his owners. Indeed, the Hungarian shepherds have a saying ‘the Puli is not a dog, it’s a Puli.’ We believe that says it all! Thank you for your interest in the Hungarian Puli.