Show Dates

2017 Shows with Puli Classes

Hungarian Puli Club of Great Britain Open Show

Sunday 5th February 2017 Dog Judge Mrs Karen Kennedy Bitch Judge Mrs Julie Williams

Venue: Mappleborough Green, Warwickshire

Championship Shows with Puli CCs

Date Show Name Judge
12-Mar-17 Crufts Mrs M Froome
30-Apr-17 West of England Ladies Kennel Society Mr J Luscott
06-May-17 Birmingham Dog Show Society Mr R Oldham
21-May-17 Scottish Kennel Club Miss A McManus
28-May-17 Bath Canine Society Mr A Rathband
2 Jul-17 Windsor Dog Show Society Mr F Kane
15-Jul-17 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Mr R Newhouse
22-Jul-17 Leeds Championship Show Mrs J Peak
13-Aug-17 Bournemouth Canine Association Mr I Crowther
19-Aug-17 Welsh Kennel Club Mrs J Rual
02-Sep-17 City of Birmingham Championship Show TBA
09-Sep-17 Richmond Dog Show Society TBA
01-Oct-17 HPC of GB Championship Show Mr L Ragnar Hjorth (Norway)
04-Nov-17 Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland Mr W Fulton
09-Dec-17 Ladies Kennel Association Mrs M Wyatt

Championship Shows without Puli CCs – TBC

Date Show Name Judge
15-Apr-17 Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Mrs T A Cousins-Brown
07-May-17 South of England Mrs I Butler
03-Jun-17 Southern Counties Canine Association Mr Russell F Jones
08-Jun-17 Three Counties Agricultural Society N/A – No classes
18-Jun-17 Border Union Agricultural Society N/A – No classes
256-Jun-17 Blackpool & District Canine Society Mrs C Friend-Rees
08-Jun-17 East of England Agricultural Society Mrs C Moffat
07-Aug-17 Paignton & District Fanciers Association Mrs W Sculthorp
26-Aug-17 Scottish Kennel Club TBA
16-Sep-17 Darlington Dog Show Society TBA
28-Sep-17 Drifford Agricultural Society TBA
08-Oct-17 South Wales Kennel Association Miss A Mills
26-Oct-17 Midland Counties Canine Society TBA